Intellectual stakeholders summoned at the international colloquium

Dschang/UDs/ SIC- 26 /11/2020.The opening ceremony of the  4-day Forum for Enterprises, Research and Development (FERED-2020) took place on the 26th of November 2020 at the Amphitheatre 1000 of the University of Dschang. Though it kick started on the 24th, the forum brings together students, Lecturers, financial institutions, universities, national and international institutions among others for an exchange on expertise, research and development. It was captioned on the theme “Artificial intelligence, digital economy and African transformation”.

The Head of Department of Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology, Professor NKENLIFACK Marcellin, stated the importance of this August conference by stressing on its impact, a reason why it brought together over 200 participants, 36 Lecturers and 20 private institutions. He mentioned that the essence of the program is to ignite and boost capacity of young researchers, nurture new ideas, develop and realize a collective result in the academia. The preparatory phase of the colloquium brought together 103 articles from all the State Universities in Cameroon. He called the attention of the audience on the presence of International participants from Canada, Italy, South Africa as well as the presence of other national and international Institutions like CAMTEL, Express Union, Old Voice, Visibility Camp, Africa System, and GICAM among others. Though the colloquium took place during the period of the pandemic, the goal to train future engineers in the University of Dschang remains stronger and is the driving force behind this endeavor. He stated that the transfer of human intelligence in to artificial machineries is a boost to the human society, a reason for which the theme of the program is timely. 

The Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor NGAMENI Emmanuel, during the ceremony, reiterated on the essence of the forum when he mentioned that it is an organized panel of reflection and debate for young researchers, enterprises on academic works especially within the discipline of Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology especially for a contemporary society which is heterogeneous in nature. The focus of every contemporary research is centered on future development which justifies the theme of the program “

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang, who was represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Jean NJOYA during his opening speech started by welcoming everyone there present. He mentioned that the goal of the colloquium is to bring experts from different backgrounds to share ideas, methods on theoretical and practical development in Computer Sciences in general and artificial intelligence, digital economy and the future of works in Africa particularly. The hope is that the results of the colloquium will awake more enthusiasm on the part of the economic operators and decision makers as there is no surviving society without technology, he indicated. He emphasized that technology cuts across every facet of life; Agriculture, Health etc. He tilted particular attention to the key note speakers like Professor Pierre NGUIMKEU from the United States and Professor Constant WETTE from Canada. He ran through their pedigree before the audience in a bid to appreciate their presence and the impact it will leave on the minds of young researchers.

A special sign of gratitude went to the Dean of the Faculty of Science for his hard work that ensured the success of the colloquium. There was then the signing of partnership between the University of Dschang and the Africa System that was followed by conferences led by different institutions. The four days colloquium will boost academic excellence at UDs as it exposes the entire University community on new ideas on digital intelligence. LD